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Ice ridges are caused by the pushing action of a lake's ice sheet against the shore. Cracks form in the ice because of different contraction rates at the top and bottom of the ice sheet. This is especially true in years that the ice sheet lacks an insulating snow cover. Ice cracks also develop because the edges of the ice sheet are sometimes firmly attached to the shore. When water rises in the cracks and freezes, the ice sheet expands slightly. Rising air temperatures warm the ice, leading to additional expansion, which exerts a tremendous thrust against the shore. Alternate warming and cooling of the ice sheet leads to additional pushing action, causing the ice to creep shoreward and scrape, gouge, and push soil and rock into mounds (called "ice ridges", "ice pushes", or "ramparts")

As an FYI, our wildlife staff picked up around 90 dead birds (sounds like mostly ducks), and delivered them to wildlife health vets for inspection. Cause of death is unknown at this time. The water quality of the lake was identified as very poor with a heavy algal bloom (which I assume you are aware of). Caution about entering the water by humans and pets should be stressed until conditions improve. Paul Samerdyke is the contact for questions regarding the dead birds. He can be reached at 920-763-6405. He will be contacting Dodge County Health for assistance in communication with the public that may need to be addressed. Thank you!

Mark Baldock DNR

What’s causing the carp to die in Beaver Dam Lake? Results from lab test on fish kill

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MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance approved an array of water quality improvement projects during their session on Thursday afternoon. Included in those investments was $220,200 of state funding from the environmental fund for shoreline restorations along Beaver Dam Lake at Puckagee Springs Creek.

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We received a complaint about a fish kill on Beaver Dam Lake Wednesday. Upon investigation, we noticed that thousands of last year’s common carp were dead or in poor states. They showed signs of sloughing skin and cloudy eyes. I was able to collect some samples to be taken to the lab for analysis. We don’t have any information yet, but wanted to make sure that you were aware we are investigating the situation. We will keep you posted as information becomes available. Can you please share with me contact information of others that should be made aware of the situation and pass the word to use good judgement and stay away from areas of dead fish? Thank you and have a great weekend!

Mark Baldock
Fisheries Management Technician-Advanced
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
N7725 Hwy 28, Horicon, WI 53032
Phone: (608) 921-3651 (cell)

The same people that filed the original petition disputing the number of required signatures recently filed a motion for reconsideration by Judge De Vries. County Corporation Counsel Kim Nass presented reply brief supported by affidavit from Dodge County Land Information Manager. On February 26, 2021 the court found no basis for reconsideration and denied the motion.

On November 10, 2020 Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Martin De Vries dismissed a petition that was filed earlier in the year challenging the formation of the district. He indicated in his opinion that there was no case against the formation of the Lake District and that the district had been legally established following the guidelines established by the state of Wisconsin. With the law suit settled the five appointed commissioners will now continue to manage the affairs of the Lake District.

The Beaver Dam Lake District was established by a vote of the Dodge County Board on March 17, 2020.

The District is governed by five commissioners consisting of three elected from the residents or property owners within the district, one appointed by county board and one appointed by the town or city having the largest assessed value of property in the district (the Town of Westford). However until the first annual meeting the three commissioners representing the residents or property owners are appointed by the county board.

The current Beaver Dam Lake District commissioners are:

Representing the residents or property owners: Dale Maas, Richard Hiley and Bill Boettge
Representing the county board: Bill Foley
Representing the Town of Westford: Nicki Hupf

The first meeting of the initial board was held on April 24, 2020. At this meeting the following were elected as officers of the commission: Bill Foley, Chairman; Bill Boettge, Secretary and Richard Hiley, Treasurer.

State statute charges the initial board of commissioners with responsibility of getting the district up and running including the expending necessary funds required to conduct the affairs of the district until a budget is adopted at the first annual meeting.

Because of COVID-19 and the postponement of the first annual meeting until the summer of 2021 the initial period runs until December 31, 2021. At that time the budget approved at the summer 2021 meeting will take effect.

These organizational and initial operating costs are shown on attachment A to Resolution 2020-2 (click here). Per State Statute 33 these costs may be recouped through an initial assessment of all taxable property within the district. This initial assessment voted by the commissioners in the aggregate amount of $48,834 to be allocated equally to each taxable parcel in the District in the amount of approximately $45.80. This will appear of each Districts tax payer’s property tax bill sent out in December 2020. These funds are for the operation of the district until December 31, 2021.