Initial Duties of Commissioners and Initial Assessment

State statute charges the initial board of commissioners with responsibility of getting the district up and running including the expending necessary funds required to conduct the affairs of the district until a budget is adopted at the first annual meeting.

Because of COVID-19 and the postponement of the first annual meeting until the summer of 2021 the initial period runs until December 31, 2021. At that time the budget approved at the summer 2021 meeting will take effect.

These organizational and initial operating costs are shown on attachment A to Resolution 2020-2 (click here). Per State Statute 33 these costs may be recouped through an initial assessment of all taxable property within the district. This initial assessment voted by the commissioners in the aggregate amount of $48,834 to be allocated equally to each taxable parcel in the District in the amount of approximately $45.80. This will appear of each Districts tax payer’s property tax bill sent out in December 2020. These funds are for the operation of the district until December 31, 2021.