The Beaver Dam Lake District First Annual Meeting

The Beaver Dam Lake District held its first annual meeting on August 14, 2021 at the Beaver Dam High School auditorium. Over 140 were in attendance.

After introduction of the commissioners and special guests the attendees were given an overview on the condition of the lake and actions being taken to improve the lake. Highlights were:

  • Beaver Dam Lake has been declared an impaired lake due to high nutrient load primarily phosphorus
  • Agriculture runoff is a significant cause (45%) followed by large carp population (33%)
  • A DNR report however shows that the lake is moving in the right direction with the programs that are and can be implemented
  • The two areas where we are concentrating our effort:
    • Rakes Bay – 40% of our phosphorus load into the lake comes from Rakes Bay
    • Puckagee Springs - 35 ft of shoreline has been eroded in past 20 years
  • Role of DNR has changed
    • It no longer initiates planning for WI lakes
    • Depends on lake property owners to be proactive in lake management
    • DNR provides tech support
  • Area farmers have begun successful programs to reduce runoff
  • Water quality equals quality of lake and we must continue aggressive programs to reduce phosphorus. Time is critical. Volunteers are needed

Financial reports were reviewed and proposed budget for calendar year 2022 was presented. (click here to see budget)

A motion was made to change from using the special charge of the same amount per parcel to charging by assessed value. The motion was defeated.

The budget was then approved. The budget was then approved on a vote of 104 to 34.

Seven people were nominated to fill the three commissioner positions. Those nominated were:

  • Rich Hiley
  • Bill Boettge
  • Dale Maas
  • Chase Fletcher
  • David Munro
  • John Kuzniewicz
  • Patricia Kurth

Dale Maas was elected to the three year term, Bill Boettge to the two year term and Rich Hiley to the one year term.

To see the complete minutes of the meeting [Here]