Board of Comissioners

The district's day to day activities are carried out by a board of five commissioners. One is appointed by the county, one by Town of Westford (the township with largest portion by valuation). The remaining three are elected by the electors and property owners in the district. They serve staggered three year terms. At all times, the power of the commissioners are subject to the decisions of the membership at the annual meeting. Commissioners can:

  • Manage fiscal matters
  • Maintain working relationships and cooperation with government and agency officials
  • Develop plans, goals, research, and surveys for the protection and rehabilitation of the lake

Until the first Annual Meeting which will be held in the summer of 2021 the three commissioners representing the electors and property owners have been appointed by the Dodge County Board. The three initial appointed commissioners and their email addresses are:

  • Dale Maas
  • Rich Hiley
  • Bill Boettge

Commissioner appointed by the Dodge County Board

  • Bill Foley

Commissioner appointed by Town of Westford

  • Nicki Hupf

The following were elected officers of the Beaver Dam Lake District

  • Chairman - Bill Foley
  • Treasurer - Rich Hiley
  • Secretary – Bill Boettge

Elected Commissioners
To serve as an elected lake district commissioner, a person must be a U.S. Citizen, 18 years of age or older, and either an elector (resident voter) or an owner of property within the district. At least one commissioner must be a district resident.